How to install IPTV on IOS Phone


Installing Apple TV IPTV

Let Us State Which Iptv Application Program You Should Use For Apple TV and Which Programs We Recommend.

GSE Smart iPTV :

GSE Smart IPTV app available for iPhone,iPad, tvOS, and Mac OS X. You can download it from the App store.
Download for iOS devices:
Download for MAC OS X:

Step 1: download, install and open the application.
Step 2: Press Menu, Enter the Xtream Codec APIs.

Step 3: Press the (+) button to add new XTREAM CODES list:

Step 4: Enter Login details : For the first field Choose a name for your list (it can be any name ), Then enter your username, password and URL we provided to you Turn ON Autoupdate EPG and click LOGIN

Step 5: Enter the created list and enjoy watching Movies, Series and live TV Channels.


Xtream IPTV player :

Step 1: When you download the application, install and open the application.

Step 2: When you open the app, enter the Xtream Codec section.

Step 3: Enter the provided login details : URL (Portal Adress), USERNAME, PASSWORD,